Moments SDK: Unity

Moments SDK Version 0.9.8

Minimum System Requirements

  • Unity 5.0
  • iOS 8
  • Android 4.4 KitKat (19)

The SDK provides the below features.

  1. Contact for the SDK
  2. Signup for a free API key here

Then after importing our plugin goto Window->LotaData->Setup to enter your API Key.

We take care of all of the Xcode configuration changes needed to get location services in the background so you do not have to worry about them.


  1. In Unity, File -> New Scene
  2. Delete the LotaData folder from the Project View.
  3. Under Plugins/iOS/ delete LotaData*
  4. Under Plugins/Android/ delete moments*, and GMS*
  5. Import LotaData from the updated Unity Package.

Getting started

  1. Make sure you have an API key entered under Windows->LotaData->Setup
  2. Drag the Moments prefab from Assets/LotaData/Prefabs/ to the root of your scene.
  3. Special iOS build step.

iOS frameworks have symbolic links in them and those don’t seem to roundtrip through unity package files so we have included the iOS framewok in a zip file to preserve the symbolic links. Before building unzip the /Assets/Plugins/iOS/ file and ensure the LotaDataMoments.framework appears under /Assets/Plugins/iOS/

If you do not do this you will see a build error in Xcode saying that it can not find LotaDataMoments/Moments.h in

You’re done! If you’re only interested in seeing your user’s data in the Visual Explorer, or wish to download it in bulk later, there is nothing else left to do.


Check out our sample scene under Assets/LotaData/Scenes/

There is a sample script attached to the Canvas GameObject that demonstraights how you can replay Location data that came in while your app isn’t running.

User Guide

Please read general Moments SDK documentation and select Unity in the language tab.


Version History