Moments SDK: Android

Minimum requirements to use Moments iOS SDK:

  • Android 4.2.x Jelly Bean (17) or higher
  • an iOS device with location hardware support

The SDK provides the below features.

  1. Download the Moments SDK: Android
  2. Download the Moments Reference App: Android
  3. Signup for a free API key here

Application Settings


<service android:name="com.lotadata.moments.MomentsService"

<meta-data android:name="com.lotadata.moments.API_KEY"
           android:value="_your_key_here_" />

Inside of your AndroidManifest.xml you must register MomentsService and optionally specify API_KEY.

If you don’t specify an API key in your manifest, you can provide it when you request a client.

MomentsClient.getInstance(Context, "YOUR_API_KEY", MomentsClient.ConnectionCallback, ConnectionErrorHandler);

Adding Moments SDK

Add the moments.jar inside your /libs folder under Android studio

User Guide

Please read general Moments SDK documentation and select Android in the language tab.

You also have Moments SDK JavaDoc for your reference.


Version History