LotaData gives you the ability to determine “what is happening where and when” for business intelligence, civic innovation, audience targeting and monetization.

LotaData provides "People Intelligence" for apps, cities and businesses. LotaData's technology platform is built around the core of clean and structured geo-temporal data. We have developed a proprietary knowledge graph that brings together vast amount of information. We apply deep data science and machine learning to compute the situational context based on mobile location trails.

The platform can be applied across multiple verticals and use cases. Below are two examples:

Situational Context

LotaData utilizes a broad range of geo-temporal datasets in the form of APIs to compute the situational context for people intelligence. We are continuously searching, extracting, structuring and ingesting new types of data across new categories and genres. The list below is representative of the datasets that overlay mobile location signals to infer user profiles and segments.

Events and Activities

EventCategories: charity, community, spiritual, children, comedy, fitness, health, music, nightlife, dance, adult, elder, pets, festival, business, education, science, technology, social, film, visual_arts, literary, food_drink, outdoor, tourism, hobby, lifestyle, fashion, politics, shopping, gaming, sports, theater

LotaData has built the most exhaustive, accurate and up-to-date collection of global and hyper-local geocoded, normalized, and classified events and activities. The datafeed is constructed from thousands of public and private sources using proprietary recipes with millions of events monitored and refreshed each day. Streams of unstructured information are cured, organized, de-duped, verified, analyzed, categorized, geo-coded and then converted into standards compliant JSON data-feed.

An event or activity node is comprised of the below list of attributes.

Person Profiles

Extensive coverage for performers and personas across many different fields, categories and activities

Place Profiles

Definitive collection of places, brands and businesses with location profiles and ambience intelligence.

Neighborhood Profiles

Cultural attributes, demographics and many other attributes for census tracts, census blocks and colloquial neighborhoods

Local Deals & Offers

Daily deals and local promotions

Profiles & Segments

LotaData's machine learning stack correlates mobile location signals with the situational context to infer user profiles that represent the real-world behaviors of mobile users. Our ML also groups the user profiles into actionable segments for marketing and advertising purposes. The segments are auto-inferred and ever-growing, enabling the discovery of new and unique behavioral patterns.


Geo-Dashboard is the visual explorer for LotaData’s people intelligence platform.

LotaData's Geo-Dashboard is a powerful visual mapping and tracking tool to research mobile consumer journey data, location signals, inferred profiles and segments. Customers can filter by brands, places, events, activities, deals, neighborhoods, demographics, block groups, home and work blocks, dwell times, commute patterns, day of week and time of day. Customers can create geo-fences around places, brands, events of interest or select from thousands of existing geometries and geofences. Customers can then subscribe to custom APIs to monitor and track mobile users as they intersect with the geo-fences.

Data Upload

Customers can share mobile location data with LotaData by configuring the appropriate access policies for AWS S3 buckets.

Customers can upload their mobile location data, mobile SDK data and CRM data to LotaData‚Äôs AWS cloud for analyzing and inferring mobile user profiles and segments. The data can be transferred to LotaData by simply configuring the appropriate access policies for AWS S3 buckets. Alternatively, LotaData can integrate with customer’s CRM and inhouse datawarehouse systems to ingest custom datasets or usage logs for deep analysis, user profile enrichment and segmentation. For example, if the location logs reside within a DSP like AppNexus, LotaData can extract the location information to process segments to feed back into AppNexus. The ingested data and the inferred results can be viewed through the Geo-Dashboard.

Mobile SDKs

LotaData’s Moments SDK is available for iOS, Android, and Unity. The SDK can easily be embedded in customer’s mobile app(s) just like any other mobile analytics or content SDK.

The SDK provides the below features.