The FTC had a "Slow News Day"

This is a quick post to clarify our position on the benign matter of the FTC consent decree and settlement. Back in November 2017, LOTaDATA applied for the EU-US Privacy Shield program and paid the FTC the necessary fees for the application. The EU-US Privacy Shield requires US companies to collect and retain data within EU boundaries. This program does not apply to North America, Asia-Pacific, or the Middle East.

During the certification process, we realized that the EU-US Privacy Shield would not be relevant for our business going forward because (a) GDPR would take effect in May 2018, and (b) we would not process any personal data from EU citizens. Therefore, we abandoned the EU-US Privacy Shield certification. However, we had previously mentioned the words "EU-US Privacy Shield" on our website during the certification process. The FTC wrote to us and asked us to not mention the program, and we complied. No fines or penalties were imposed on LOTaDATA.

The FTC made this news public in 2020 for a matter dating back to 2017. Sometimes, even the FTC has a slow news day.

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