Sending lots of Data Love your way

Mobile marketing will account for $100 Billion in total digital spend in 2017, with real-world location driving much of the targeting. Location data captures the many behaviors of your mobile users. But raw mobile location may not be directly actionable. It needs to be transformed into "People Intelligence" to derive insights, infer user profiles, and uncover audience segments. 

People Intelligence ?

Yes, that be us.

Most Awesome 2016

LotaData's machine learning can transform your mobile location signals into actionable "People Intelligence", with high accuracy, in near real time.

The smartest of you already are aware of our capabilities. You reached out to us in 2016, you evaluated our platform, and you put us to the test. You were so delighted with the results that you subscribed immediately. And for that, we are very grateful.

2016 has been the most awesome year for LotaData, as we continue to expand worldwide and establish our leadership in data-driven intelligence for mobile.

+ 1.1
Mobile location signals processed each day
+ 35
Hyper-local events, activities, deals and offers
+ 24
Brands and businesses in cities and metros
+ 2
Musicians, actors, athletes and teams
+ 150
Venues, stadiums and convention centers
Invited to the White House, POTUS, Office of Technology Strategy

Truly Phenomenal 2017

"People Intelligence" is a potent new weapon, giving you a massively unfair competitive advantage. But you need to act now. Look through your machine logs, integrate our location SDK in your mobile apps, and send over your location data for analysis. Act now.

Send location.

Get insights.

That simple.

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